East New York Season 1 Episode 9 Recap “When Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth”

Don’t miss Celebrity Myxer’s recap of East New York Season 1 Episode 9 “When Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth.” When a retired cop who was planning to go public with claims of corruption dies and it’s initially ruled suicide, a skeptical Haywood directs her team to investigate. Also, Bentley and Quinlan grow closer. Here’s what you missed!

Air Date & Time: Sunday, November 27, 2022, at 9:30 pm ET, 8:30 pm CT, and 6:30 pm PT on CBS.

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Previously on East New York Season 1 Episode 8, when four party-goers fatally overdose, the 7-4’s investigation is impeded by an ongoing DEA operation, and Haywood turns to Suarez for help. Also, Yenko deals with tension at home, and Sandeford prepares for a date with his ex, Tamika.

Warning… Spoilers below!

On the Mid-Season Finale of East New York Season 1 Episode 9 “When Dinosaurs Roamed The Earth”, Regina is walking her dog and flirting with DEA Agent Sean Dryden. She receives a phone call informing her of Retired Police Officer Remy Taylor’s suicide.

Rising Numbers 

Remy was a Retired Narcotics Detective from the 7-4, Regina’s Precinct.  While searching Remy’s place, Regina finds tickets that Remy had for the Nets’ game the next night. Both Bentley and Regina are concerned about the number of police suicides that are just rising every year. When Bentley tries to communicate with Sandeford his concerns, he finds that Sandeford is only worried about them getting a new police car to use for patrolling. 

Killian and Morales visit Kurt Walsh, Remy’s old partner. He tells them that he and Remy worked together for 19 years, but Remy didn’t take to retirement very well. He was still investigating and possibly digging up dirt on the wrong people. As far as Kurt knew, Remy did not have any enemies. 

Sandeford goes to Yenko, complaining about their police unit being unfit to drive during patrol. Sandeford explains that the vehicle’s exhaust needs some repairs, and Yenko gives Bentley and Sandeford the new SUV patrol vehicle. Bentley is very excited to be driving around in such a nice new police unit, while Sandeford is worried that he won’t understand how to operate such a fancy vehicle. The car smells awful, and Sandeford is not pleased with whoever used it before. 

Podcast Interviews 

Remy’s wife tells Morales and Killian about Ricky Velazquez, a local car mechanic that Remy evicted. Remy’s autopsy shows that he was shot by someone left-handed, and even though Remy is left-handed, Regina still thinks that it wasn’t a suicide

In Remy’s appointment book, Morales makes a note of the fact that Remy met up with a man named Antoine Jordan and made multiple phone calls to him. Killian visits Antoine to get answers to some of his questions, but Antoine is uncooperative. Bentley speaks to the Union Delegate to find out what would happen to his and Quinlan’s jobs if anyone found out that they were in a relationship with each other.

Killian brings Antoine in for questioning but still can’t get him to cooperate. Regina heads into the interrogation room and offers Antoine the ability to interview herself or any of her officers about any case he has questions pertaining to. But only if he cooperates and hands over the video of him interviewing Remy about police corruption for his podcast. 

Dirty Detectives 

During Remy’s interview, Antoine pushes him to name the Narcotics Detectives who were dirty during Remy’s time in the 7-4. Remy tells about an unnamed detective who killed Yolo Linden, a local drug dealer. Yolo tried to go to the Feds about the corruption inside East New York’s Narcotic Division

Detective Morales brings in all of Remy’s prescriptions for Regina to go over. There’s one with no label on it. Regina is confused about why Kurt would tell Chief Suarez that Remy was showing signs of dementia If he wasn’t taking any medication for it. Regina meets up with Sean and asks if anyone in the DEA knows anything about Black Market dementia medication.

Regina heads straight to Chief Suarez’s office to question him about Yolo’s murder. Yolo was the Chief’s CI during that time. After Yolo’s murder, Kurt’s girlfriend, Danielle, ended up with her name on Yolo’s white Cadillac. Remy told Antoine that whoever murdered Yolo also stole his car. Regina heads back to Kurt’s house to question him about Antoine’s podcast. While talking with Antoine, Regina catches Denise, Kurt’s daughter, in a lie. Regina believes that Denise is lying for her father. 

Officer Down 

Antoine calls 911 after he receives a disturbing voicemail. Some man has called him saying that he is on his way to kill Antoine. All because Antoine interviewed Remy for his podcast. Bentley and Sandeford are checking around Antoine’s place when they bump into Kurt. Both Sandeford and Bentley recognize Kurt’s voice as the man on Antoine’s voicemail, threatening to kill her.  

During Kurt’s interrogation, Killian and Regina provoke Remy into a fit of rage. Kurt admits to killing Remy and Yolo. Bentley is having a good day when Sandeford throws him the keys to let him take the new unit out for a ride. As Bentley jumps into the driver’s seat, a masked man pulls up beside Bentley and opens fire. Bentley takes multiple shots in the chest! Sandeford returns fire as he chases the car down the street. Sandeford is an emotional mess when he calls for an ambulance to come and help save Bentley’s life.

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East New York Cast

  • Amanda Warren as Regina Haywood
  • Kevin Rankin as Tommy Killian
  • Elizabeth Rodriguez as Crystal Morales
  • Olivia Luccardi as Brandy Quinlan
  • Richard Kind as Stan Yenko
  • Ruben Santiago-Hudson as Marvin Sandeford
  • Lavel Schley as Andre Bentley
  • Jimmy Smits as John Suarez

Recurring Cast

  • C.S. Lee as Desk Sergeant Jimmy Kee

Guest Cast

  • Mike Starr as Kurt Walsh
  • Samantha Soule as Denise Walsh
  • Lena Kaminsky as Annika
  • Biko Eisen-Martin as Antonie “AJ” Jackson
  • David Rhodes as Remy Taylor
  • Donovan Christie Jr. as DEA Agent Sean Dryden
  • Ed Gonzales Moreno as Ricky Velasquez
  • Beau Thom as Officer Gabriel Fenster

WRITTEN BY: Mike Flynn

DIRECTED BY: Michael M. Robin

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      Thank you so much! I love this show as well. I love how the show is taking the time to introduce you to each character’s backstory. It helps to develop a true connection with them individually.

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    I love that this show has a fresh take on policing; The officers approach their jobs in a firm but fair way and appeal more to the human side of issues. Excellent choice of actors for each role. Can’t wait to see how the characters develop.

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