Dedee Pfeiffer Speaks On Her Return To Acting In Her Latest Show ‘Big Sky’

Actress, social worker, and a mother, but that is only half of it. Dedee Pfeiffer’s career has been truly remarkable. In what started off as a typical acting career, Dedee did what few would have contemplated. She took a break in 2010, just when she had established herself. That break would go on to last for ten years before she made her comeback in Big Sky (2020).

Dedee Pfeiffer on 'Big Sky'

Dedee Pfeiffer on ‘Big Sky’

Big Sky: What Can We Expect?

'Big Sky' Poster

‘Big Sky’ Poster

Murders and trafficking are just some of the topics that the show touches on. And yet, it is the last thing you could expect to see given the mountainous regions that the show is filmed in. Dedee stars as Denise Brisbane, who happens to be the secretary of a detective-based agency. Working in such an intense environment can become overwhelming, but as Dedee puts it: “[Denise is] a smart ass…A team player.”

When we asked Dedee about any insight on season 2 of Big Sky, she couldn’t give more because they are in the process of writing the new season (at the time of this interview.) We would have some juicy details soon. Stay mixed in!

Why Return Now?

After taking such an extended break, Dedee realized that it was a tough field to break into—let alone return after such a lengthy layoff. Until lady luck brought her back into the acting fold, her brother-in-law (David E. Kelley) happened to develop the concept for Big Sky. After a few phone calls, Dedee was back!

“Hey, I wanna get a degree and help people.”

During that time off, Dedee clocked up an impressive Masters in Social Work. She was driven by her passion for tackling mental illness and addiction.” The latter was something prevalent within her own life. Dedee had to come to terms with the fact that she “was a high-functioning alcoholic.” But having come out of the other side, after a period in rehab, she was determined to make further social change.

Dedee Pfeiffer on 'Big Sky' as Denise Brisbane

Dedee Pfeiffer on ‘Big Sky’ as Denise Brisbane

If Dedee sounds like your cup of tea, then check Big Sky on Thursday nights on ABC…

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