City On A Hill Season 3 Episode 2 Recap “A Program Of Complete Disorder”

Don’t miss Celebrity Myxer’s recap of City on a Hill Season 3 Episode 2 “A Program of Complete Disorder.” When Victoria Dryden runs away from home, Sinclair sends Jackie to find her. Caysen is after justice for BPD Officer Russ Wallace, who he believes may have been intentionally executed by another member of the Strike Force. The incident sparks a dispute at the Ward home in Brooklyn, where Decourcy is looking after his ailing father. While building a case on behalf of her impaled client, Siobhan experiences an intensifying array of symptoms. Diarmuid Doyle tries to help Jenny remedy what has been bothering her, but his plan backfires. Here’s what you missed!

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Previously on City on a Hill Season 2 Episode 1 Premiere, struggling to make ends meet after leaving the FBI, Jackie Rohr gets a job offer from his old mentor. The perks are enticing, but Jackie has no idea what he’s getting himself into. ADA Decourcy Ward eyes a promotion but is diverted by some bad news which lands him back in Brooklyn. Siobhan Quays, having left her prestigious law firm for a position at the ACLU, takes on a case against a construction colossus. Jenny Rohr begins volunteering at a community center, where she runs into a familiar face.

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Rolando Boyce talks The Chi & P-Valley on Celebrity Myxer

Warning… Spoilers below!

On the next episode of City on a Hill Season 3 Episode 2, Jackie questions Sinclair about Dominique’s death. Jackie wants to know if Sinclair was there or not, but Sinclair is not about to be interrogated by Jackie. He gives Jackie a new car to drive around in to help buy Jackie’s silence.

Sibohan digs deeper into Big Digs’ OSHA records and finds they are a very negligible company at best. She knows that taking this case puts her in harm’s way, but she is determined to help Hernando.

Why is Victoria lying about being followed? Will Jackie learn the truth about his new boss Sinclair’s involvement in Dominique’s death, or will the new car be enough of a distraction?

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Air Date: August 5, 2022, at 12 am ET on Showtime streaming app. August 7, 2022, at 10 pm ET on Showtime broadcast.

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What Time Does City on a Hill Come on Tonight?

City on a Hill Season 3 Episode 2 “A Program Of Complete Disorder” airs early (on August 5, 2022) at 12 am ET, 11 pm CT (previous day), and 9 pm PT (previous day) on the Showtime app.

The episode airs on Showtime broadcast on Sunday, August 7, 2022, at 10 pm ET, 9 pm CT, and 7 pm CT.

City on a Hill Cast

  • Kevin Bacon as Jackie Rohr
  • Aldis Hodge as Decourcy Ward
  • Jill Hennessy as Jenny Rohr
  • Lauren E. Banks as Siobhan Quays
  • Blake Baumgartner as Kick Ryan
  • Amanda Clayton as Cathy Ryan
  • Matthew Del Negro as Chris Cayson
  • Mark O’Brien as Jimmy Ryan
  • Jonathan Tucker as Frankie Ryan

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City on a Hill Season 3 Episode Guide

Season Episode Title Air Date
3 6 “TBA”

September 2, 2022 on streaming

September 4, 2022 on-air

3 5 “Take Me Home”

August 26, 2022 on streaming

August 28, 2022 on-air

3 4 “Ugly, Like I Said”

August 19, 2022 on streaming

August 21, 2022 on-air

3 3 “Speak When You’re Angry”

August 12, 2022 on streaming

August 14, 2022 on-air

3 2 A Program Of Complete Disorder

August 5, 2022 on streaming

August 7, 2022 on-air

3 1 Gods And Monsters” City on a Hill Season 3 Premiere

July 29, 2022 on streaming

July 31, 2022 on-air

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