Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 6 Recap “When You’re a Hammer Everything’s a Nail”

Don’t miss Celebrity Myxer’s recap of Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 6 “When You’re a Hammer Everything’s a Nail!” Stevie’s worlds collide when her mother becomes her patient. Scott’s history with the father of a patient interferes with his perception of a case. Crockett’s allegiances are challenged when his patient’s liver is a potential transplant match. Here’s what you missed!

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Watch Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 6 “When You’re a Hammer Everything’s a Nail”

Previously on Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 5, Dr. Marcel and Dr. Blake had a standoff whether who would perform emergency surgery on a patient who handled to be Blake’s daughter, Avery. Marcel learned firsthand about hospital bureaucracy. Dr. Taylor is under pressure to be the best physician she can be and puts in extra hours in her shifts- foregoing much-needed rest. This is starting to take its toll on the first-year resident. Dr. Charles and Dr. Scott discover yet another misdiagnosis with someone in the ED. This case makes Scott appreciate this structured family more…

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Warning… spoilers below!

On Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 6, Dr. Halstead and Goodwin were discussing Cooper’s, Eleanor, patient and were shocked he returned the patient to the Vascomm device. Dr. Taylor had pulled an all-nighter and Maggie checked on her- starting to notice her risky pattern.

Drowned John Doe

Dr. Marcel is now interested in transplant surgery and is shadowing Dr. Blake to make the transition. Marcel also received a drowning patient and Dr. Archer was quick to involve CPD to identify the man. Blake wheeled her daughter Avery through the ED and ran into Marcel. Avery thanked her saving physician. Blake’s focus abruptly pivoted from taking her daughter home to taking an interest in Marcel’s John Doe drowning patient. The man suffered major oxygen deprivation and likely has irreversible brain damage…

Marcel’s patient started to crash and they recovered him. Suddenly, Blake appeared, her gaze shifted green eyeing his organs for her patient. Marcel pulled her to the side to confront the preemptive decision as his family would have that choice. Archer noticed Blake hawking and showed her out of the ED. Thereafter, Archer confronted Marcel about his new alliance with Blake and reminded him of his priority to the ED.

With a bit of investigative work, Marcel tracked down John Doe’s next of kin. Archer was amazed yet jaded as he accused Marcel and Blake of ultimately craving the man’s organs to perform their transplant surgery.

Dr. Blake gives Dr. Marcel a reality check on Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 6

Dr. Blake gives Dr. Marcel a reality check on Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 6

Marcel broke the news to Blake that John Doe’s organs would not go to their patient but to one in another state. Marcel shared his rebuttal for his decisions earlier. Blake gave him a reality check that it was his only decision. And he may not be cut out for transplant surgery as someone has to die for someone else to live!

Later on, Marcel seemed to have a change of heart…

Falsely Accused

Dr. Scott and Maggie treated a teen girl, Shavonne, who had broken her arm. However, Scott faintly recognized the girl’s father. Scott recalled that he arrested the man for assault and battery 10 years ago when he was a cop. Maggie offered to switch him to another doctor if there was conflict, Scott denied the suggestion.

Maggie and Dr. Scott on Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 6

Maggie and Dr. Scott on Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 6

The girl’s injury was a fracture, but Scott looked at the youth’s past injuries. The parents made excuses for the clumsy girl. Thereafter, Scott gave Maggie an ultimatum to involve DCFS- Maggie was torn as she dislikes the agency ripping families apart but obliged his command.

Maggie spoke with Shavonne’s mother and she was in fear of speaking with the social worker. They had recognized Scott as the father had only been arrested once in his life and, of course, recalls the arresting officer. He hadn’t drunk since the incident a decade ago and losing their daughter would devastate the family. Maggie confronted Scott to be sure his assumptions were in fact child abuse and not anything else.

Scott discovered that Shavonne’s injuries possibly weren’t the result of child abuse and explained to everyone she could have developed a disorder in the brain which could cause her dizziness. Scott wanted to evaluate her further. Later on, Scott thanked Maggie for being the voice of reason in the case.

Risk & Reward

Halstead treated a patient, Gordon, for lack of oxygen and breathing problems. It wasn’t Covid and the case became mysterious so he requested a lung specialist to consult. To his surprise, Cooper arrived for the case despite his request for someone else. Cooper’s quick diagnosis leads to an extreme suggestion to paralyze the man to treat him. Halstead immediately pulled him aside to consult and advised against the treatment as it leads to increased mortality rates. Halstead was forced to take the advice.

After Halstead paralyzed the man, Copper recommended another risky procedure and it stabilized Gordon and it work! Halstead took the news to Goodwin, which he had been conspiring with to catch Cooper, and explained he didn’t feel Cooper was a bad doctor. Without him today, Halstead would have surely lost his patient.

Suddenly, Halstead got an alert to come to Eleanor and Cooper was pronouncing her dead. She was just fine earlier. Goodwin asked Halstead could the Vascomm device have killed her

Don’t Parent The Parent

Dr. Hammer on Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 6

Dr. Hammer on Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 6

Dr. Hammer went to visit her mother, Terry, and noticed she injured herself, she fainted and Hammer rushed her to her hospital. Terry was irate and didn’t want to be there. Hammer formed a plan to use Taylor as the face of her treatment but Hammer interjected Taylors commands. Furthermore, her treatment required several weeks of antibiotic treatments and Terry refused it thinking it was Hammer’s ploy to control her.

Hammer sought Dr. Charles’ help. She confided her complicated relationship with her mother to him. Charles evaluated Terry and she was mentally stable yet still refused treatment.

Hammer found some new nanotech that would remotely alert the physician if she was taking her medication. The issue now is getting Terry to sign off on it. Taylor and Hammer tried to offer the meds to Terry but when they disclosed the tracking patch, she exploded refusing the take anything and demanding to leave immediately.

Hammer consulted Charles again and he recommended a different approach… something less parental. Taylor discharged Terry and had an epiphany after seeing the toxic exchange between Hammer and her mother. She went to speak with Maggie and was appreciative of her looking out for her.

Hammer sought Scott’s help to get an illegally parked van towed. She met her mother who was hysterical about her van being removed. Hammer convinced Terry to stay with her for the night. She apologized for earlier and gave her antibiotics, which she took…

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Chicago Med Cast

  • Nick Gehlfuss as Will Halstead
  • Brian Tee as Ethan Choi
  • Marlyne Barrett as Maggie Lockwood
  • Dominic Rains as Crockett Marcel
  • Yaya DaCosta as April Sexton
  • S. Epatha Merkerson as Sharon Goodwin
  • Oliver Platt as Daniel Charles
  • Kristen Hager as Dr. Stevie Hammer
  • Elizabeth Hinkler as Gemma Brooks
  • Emily Hinkler as Emma Brooks
  • Guy Lockard as Dr. Dylan Scott
  • Michael Rady as Dr. Matt Cooper
  • Jeremy Shouldis as Dr. Marty Peterson
  • Steven Weber as Dr. Dean Archer
  • Sarah Rafferty as Dr. Blake

Air Date: October 27, 2021

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