Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 14 Recap “All the Things That Could Have Been”

Don’t miss Celebrity Myxer’s recap of Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 14 “All the Things That Could Have Been.” Goodwin assigns Med’s new compliance officer to a patient with a long-hauler COVID condition. Maggie helps Halstead treat a patient who’s been in an iron lung for 60 years. Hammer learns hard truths about her mother. Here’s what you missed!

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Watch Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 14  “All the Things That Could Have Been”

Previously on Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 13, Scott and Archer diagnose a pregnant woman with syphilis (contracted by her cheating husband). She went into emergency labor, luckily had a healthy delivery. Maggie receives shocking news that she was possibly pregnant but it was a tumor. The jury is still out whether it was malignant…

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Dr. Blake and Dr. Marcel kiss on Chicago Med

Dr. Blake and Dr. Marcel kiss on Chicago Med

Halstead and Charles question an elderly patient’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Her caregiver forged her diagnosis and lied to collect funds and bilk the woman’s bank account. Archer is interested in dating Blake and is in competition with Marcel. Dr. Marcel’s love triangle with Dr. Blake and her daughter was discovered!

Warning… Spoilers below!

On Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 14, Dr. Charles ran into Loni again and shared that she helped him during their time together. He also ran into Goodwin and shared how his therapist developed feelings for him

Putting Bureaucrats In The Trenches

Dr. Shentu and Sharon Goodwin witness a car crash on Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 14

Dr. Shentu and Sharon Goodwin witness a car crash on Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 14

As Goodwin and Dr. Shentu had a casual discussion outside, they witnessed a car crash into the hospital. They rushed her into the ED and Dr. Taylor cared for her while Shentu and Goodwin assisted. The woman, Gia, was a long-haul Covid patient and Goodwin felt Shentu should assist on the case while Taylor lead. Archer objected to the move since he was a bureaucrat but had to comply.

The woman’s body felt like it was on fire yet they stabilized her by sedating her. Shentu recommended an off-brand drug but needed her consent to administer it (rules Shentu and the compliance department instituted). She abruptly woke, was in pain, and her vitals spiked, and she blanked out again. They still required consent for treatment with the drug she needed. Gia’s condition worsened and all signs were apparent to Shentu that bureaucratic policies weren’t black and white in the trenches… sometimes situations blend into the grey…

Shentu returned to Goodwin to revisit his stringent guidelines as the treatment saved Gia’s life. Goodwin got her way. In a twist, Taylor asked Shentu out to a concert… granted it wasn’t against his guidelines.


Dr. Scott treats his frenemy Terrell on Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 14

Dr. Scott treats his frenemy Terrell on Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 14

Dr. Hammer grabbed Dr. Scott for assistance on a case. It was Terrell (his frenemy)! He was inebriated and his left arm was swollen and pinkish in color. Terrell still managed to remember his feud with Scott as he drifted in and out of consciousness. He was rushed into surgery on his arm and recovered fine. He was too ashamed to let his wife see him in that state and wanted to be released without her knowing.

Hammer gave Terrell his discharge paperwork and discovered he couldn’t read. She shared it with Scott and he wanted to stall his release. Scott examined Terrell (despite his wishes) and determined he was dyslexic. After sharing the diagnosis and help options, he regained the trust of his old friend…

Self Medicate

Hammer learned that her mother was being discharged from the psych ward. She confronted Charles about her admittance and not informing her but he couldn’t share her medical details because she expressly forbade it. After Charles asked Terri’s permission, she allowed Stevie to know what was going on with her. She was diagnosed with bipolar condition. It was a conflict for Hammer since she had planned to return to Michigan and work on her marriage with her estranged husband.

Hammer visited Charles and learned her mother’s excessive drinking was her way to self-medicate and cope with her condition. Stevie felt guilty about it.

Iron Lung

Maggie insisted on joining Dr. Halstead on a peculiar house call. They visited a wealthy man, Ellis, who was resting in a full-body chamber and chatted with the physicians casually because his head was exposed. The chamber was a high-tech ventilation system called an “iron lung” that helped him breathe since he contracted polio as a child (a month before the vaccine was available). They drew blood for testing at a private lab.

Maggie wanted to tell Halstead about her recent diagnosis but didn’t want him to worry. Ellis noticed her concern and asked her about it and she confided in him. He made light of the situation offering to look at her financials since she had a reason to prepare for retirement.

Maggie received a call about her biopsy and it wasn’t malignant. She wasn’t as happy since this wasn’t her first brush with cancer. She was in fear it would return. Ellis consoled her and cheered her up… to cherish every moment in life. Later on, Maggie finally shared with Halstead that she had a biopsy and it was benign.

Agree To Disagree

Dr. Marcel and Blake visited their next transplant patient. While in private, Blake dismissed him as he wanted to make amends for the fiascos with her daughter, Avery. They performed surgery on a one-year-old child and experienced complications yet they resolved it. Thereafter, Blake felt they were better purely as colleagues… Marcel disagreed.

Terri invited Stevie to her new place and it wasn’t in a car. Hammer wanted to know was her mother going to be fine once she left and she was…

Is Dr. Stevie Hammer leaving Chicago Med? Tell us your thoughts!

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Air Date: March 2, 2022

Will There Be A One Chicago Crossover?

We haven’t seen a One Chicago Crossover in the past two years due to the pandemic. At the moment, it’s unlikely we will see a One Chicago crossover in 2022.

Chicago Med Cast

  • Nick Gehlfuss as Will Halstead
  • Brian Tee as Ethan Choi
  • Marlyne Barrett as Maggie Lockwood
  • Dominic Rains as Crockett Marcel
  • Yaya DaCosta as April Sexton
  • S. Epatha Merkerson as Sharon Goodwin
  • Oliver Platt as Daniel Charles
  • Kristen Hager as Dr. Stevie Hammer
  • Elizabeth Hinkler as Gemma Brooks
  • Emily Hinkler as Emma Brooks
  • Guy Lockard as Dr. Dylan Scott
  • Michael Rady as Dr. Matt Cooper
  • Jeremy Shouldis as Dr. Marty Peterson
  • Steven Weber as Dr. Dean Archer
  • Sarah Rafferty as Dr. Blake

Guest Starring

  • Johnny Wu as Randall Shentu
  • Bonita Friedericy as Terri Hammer
  • Max Gail as Ellis

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    What an amazing show! This was THE best!! It covered sooo many important topics. Nailed the importance of vaccinations. Thank you!

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    Who was actor playing Ellis – in iron lung

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      Looks and sounds like Emmy-winning actor Gerald McRaney.

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    What is the actors name that played the rich man in the Iron Lung. I said it was CHRISTOPHER LLOYD but my wife said NO. WHAT IS THE ANSWER

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