Chicago Fire Season 10 Episode 15 Recap “The Missing Piece”

Don’t miss Celebrity Myxer’s recap of Chicago Fire Season 10 Episode 15 “The Missing Piece.” Following an injury in the aftermath of an industrial fire, Severide and Seager work together to investigate an anonymous tip. Kidd searches for the right person to fill the open spot on Truck 81. A possible new recruit to 51 gets tested at a call. Here’s what you missed!

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Previously on Chicago Fire Season 10 Episode 14, Chief Hawkins goes above and beyond to help Brett and Violet when their ambulance heat went out. The preferential treat from Violet’s beau was starting to get noticed yet she wanted to keep their relationship a secret. The man who sold the bar to Herrmann asked for a bucket list favor… to bartend the pub one last time before he perished.

Rolando Boyce talks The Chi & P...
Rolando Boyce talks The Chi & P-Valley on Celebrity Myxer

Kidd was encouraged to pursue an open lieutenant’s position. She was approved to take over House 72, but Pelham threw her a curveball, encouraging her to take his place at House 51 while he takes over the scrubs at 72. Has Jason Pelham (Brett Dalton) left Chicago Fire for good? Tell us your thoughts!

Warning… Spoilers below!

On Chicago Fire Season 10 Episode 15, Truck 81 was called to an industrial fire investigation and the stairs collapsed. Seager was trapped under the debris!

Severide attempts to save Seager on Chicago Fire Season 10 Episode 15

Severide attempts to save Seager on Chicago Fire Season 10 Episode 15

The team secured a ladder so Severide could hoist himself down towards Seager’s position. Her legs were pinned and he managed to wedge the rubble and she got free. He linked to her and the team hoisted her to safety.

Severide wanted his crew to stay behind to see what went awry at Seager’s investigation. Severide discovered that the stairs were cut halfway through… the collapse was intentional!

She’s A Gallo

House 51 received a new female recruit, Kim Rossi, and Gallo was apprehensive of her. Mouch told him that “she’s a Gallo.” Meaning, the cool young buck who was eager for action. He resented the statement yet she shared a lot of similarities to the firefighter.

Herrmann recommended Mason (the man he saw with potential) but his criminal record held him back. Kidd liked the man but wanted someone who checked all of the boxes for the position.

Kidd interviewed Rossi for the position, she was too gung-ho to impress upon the lieutenant and that raised a slight red flag for Stella. She then consulted her finance for leadership tips. Stella had to shift into friend mode when she noticed Brett crying, she received a call from Casey– she really missed the former Chief. Soon after Brett shared with Violet that she would need to go to Portland soon. (Is Sylvie Brett taking a hiatus from Chicago Fire?)

Seager visited Severide and Chief Boden to discuss the sabotage findings. They suspected the industrial building was set ablaze as an arson for-profit scheme. The investigators visited Vince Murphy, the owner of the building, and he claimed the building was necessary for his expansion and he wouldn’t try to burn it down.

Hot Line

Later on at the bar, Violet, Brett, and Kidd got a chance to chat about Violet and Chief Hawkins’ secret relationship. Violet was happy they could stay on the DL but the conversation came up regarding him working with so many women- Violet can get jealous at times.

Herrmann invited Mason (Chris Mansa) to the bar and to a ride-along… his way to get the man in front of Lt. Kidd.

Seager and Severide try to figure out who was spying on them on Chicago Fire Season 10 Episode 15

Seager and Severide try to figure out who was spying on them on Chicago Fire Season 10 Episode 15

Seager and Severide returned to the scene and she share that someone had called in an anonymous tip. Suddenly, Severide noticed a made watching them and he fled. Severide chased after him but he got away!

Seager and Severide took their theory that someone was targeting fire investigators to Captain Van Meter. The investigators compiled all of Seager’s past cases figuring it was someone she put away, having a vendetta against her. One adolescent, Marc Greene, caught Severide’s eye and they visited Mark and his parents. Marc claimed to have an alibi for his whereabouts and his father, Dennis, kicked them out as fire investigators already ruined the young man’s life in the past. Severide was certain Marc was the man he chased…

The Missing Piece

After Rossi, the crew received another candidate, P.J. Sykes, who Mouch labeled as the “eagle scout.” After a drill, Truck 81 was called to a building fire. Both Mason and Sykes got a chance to tag along. In clearing each unit, Mason noticed one apartment with the fire alarm removed. Sykes was going to keep moving along until Mason halted him. Kidd took charge and entered to find the source of the building fire and extinguish it.

Meanwhile, investigators reviewed Marc’s story and it checked out. Suspicions started to point towards his father as the hotline tipster… the pair possibly were in it together. They returned to the Greene home and confronted Dennis and Marc. The father confessed he was responsible for the arson. Marc confessed to spying on Seager and Severide the previous night and fleeing because he was checking into his father’s mysterious nighttime activities.

Brett spoke with Violet and Stella about leaving for Portland to be with Matthew Casey

Kidd overheard an exchange between Mason and Sykes, who beat himself up over missing the smoke alarm. Kidd approached Mason and told him that he was the missing piece. He was just like Casey and hired him on the spot!

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Air Date:  March 9, 2022

Will There Be A One Chicago Crossover?

We haven’t seen a One Chicago Crossover in the past two years due to the pandemic. At the moment, it’s unlikely we will see a One Chicago crossover in 2022.

Chicago Fire Cast

  • JESSE SPENCER as Matthew Casey
  • TAYLOR KINNEY as Kelly Severide
  • DAVID EIGENBERG as Christopher Herrmann
  • JOE MINOSO as Joe Cruz
  • CHRISTIAN STOLTE as Randy “Mouch” McHolland
  • EAMONN WALKER as Wallace Boden
  • YURI SARDAROV as Brian “Otis” Zvonecek
  • KARA KILLMER as Sylvie Brett
  • Brett Dalton at Jason Pelham
  • Hanako Greensmith as Violet Mikami

Guest Starring

  • Tamsen Glaser as Kim Rossi
  • Chris Mansa as Mason
  • Jonas Maines as Marc Greene
  • Jeff Christian as Dennis Greene
  • Amy J. Johnson as Erica Greene
  • Steven Allerick as P.J. Sykes
  • Andy Allo as Lt. Wendy Seager
  • Jimmy Nicholas as Chief Hawkins
  • Katelynn Shennett as Kylie Estevez
  • Tim Hopper as Captain Tom Van Meter

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  1. Teresa Harry says:

    My thoughts that with Stella Kidd becoming lieutenant, and them only having one in the station, my gut and very sad feeling is that Matt Casey is never returning☹️ What upsets many of us is that we have waited years for Casey and Brett to get together, and now, after only two episodes with them as a couple, he’s gone!!! A kick in the teeth to loyal fans! I am not at all happy!!

  2. Janette Price says:

    I struggle with Casey dating the partner of his ex wife I’m the house. I always am uncomfortable with the pairing. Got me, maybe it’s best if they both left also happy to see Severide not bouncing around

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