What Does Art Of The Zoo Mean On TikTok?

Art of the Zoo reaction videos went viral on TikTok. Why are people shocked? What does art of zoo mean? We must warn you, the meaning of his viral trend will leave you disturbed. We’ll tell you but continue reading and viewing at your own risk…

Pence Pink Eye & Fly on His Head at VP Debates

At the Vice Presidential debate, Mike Pence looked ill with pink-eye in his left eye and a fly landed on his head. It stayed there for more than a minute. He and his wife reportedly tested negative when Trump and nearly a score of his staff tested positive for Covid-19. Does he have it?

This Ain’t Enough… Make It Enough LOL!

If you watched the hilarious movie Friday starring Ice Cube and Chris Tucker then you’re familiar with the meme of this scene. When Smokey’s mother sent him to the store with a dollar to buy cigarettes and he complained it’s not enough. She rolls her eyes to gesture that he makes it enough.

Lessons Our Children Should Be Taught Before They Turn 18

Let’s not make the same generational mistake. Let’s not rely on school curriculums to teach our children things they most likely won’t need in their lifetime. Let’s teach them the lessons we learned the hard ways as adults. Here’s a list of lessons our children should be taught before they turn 18 years old…

God Is Saying To You Today

God is saying to you today, “I know you are going through a difficult time in your life right now… Everything will be alright.”

Worse Outbreaks Under Obama Nothing Was Suspended

This goes to show the lack of leadership we have in the U.S. There were worse outbreaks under President Obama’s leadership. And when the so-called President was asked about easing public fear, this was his response… deflection!

Now that I’ve cleared your schedule can we talk? -God

No movies. No concerts. No sporting events. No restaurants. No social gatherings. No school. Limited workload. Now that I’ve cleared your schedule can we talk? -God This is a very affirming meme circulating social media. Could this be the world’s peace society needs in order to listen to God?

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