BMF Season 2 Episode 2 Recap “Family Business”

Don’t miss Celebrity Myxer’s recap of BMF Season 2 Episode 2 “Family Business.” Meech focuses on expanding BMF into Cleveland while Terry experiences growing pains as he launches his car-ride business with Charles. Here’s what you missed!

Air date & time: Airs on Friday, January 13, 2023. BMF will stream early on the Starz app at 12 am ET, 11 pm CT (the previous day), and 9 pm PT (the previous day). BMF will air on broadcast on Sunday, January 15, 2023, at 8 pm ET, 7 pm CT, and 5 pm PT.

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BMF Season 2 Episode 2 “Family Business”

Previously on the BMF Season 2 Episode 1 Premiere, Meech smuggles drugs from Las Vegas as a test to secure a new plug for BMF, a vicious gangster from the Brewster Projects, K-9. Meanwhile, Terry began his new car-ride business with Charles since he left the drug game. Detective Bryant plots to capture Meech by any means necessary.

Warning… Spoilers below!

On the BMF Season 2 Episode 2, Meech met K-9 at his ice cream parlor to get a lesson in cleaning dirty money. He gave him a gem that dirty can be cleaned through businesses. Suddenly, one of K-9’s rivals drove by and started shooting at him. They exchanged fire, but the man got away on foot.

Family Trip

The family reunion in Cleveland was coming up, and Meech was going, though Terry and Charles couldn’t make it because they had to work the car service.

Meech was eager to go so he could negotiate with his younger cousin, James, who was an up-and-coming slinger. When they arrived, his family was impressed about them pulling up in a new Mercedes Benz, unknowing that he was involved in drugs.

Meech tries to expand BMF in Cleveland on BMF Season 2 Episode 2

Meech tries to expand BMF in Cleveland on BMF Season 2 Episode 2

Meech spoke with his cousin to climb the ladder to his supplier, Terrell. Meech offered Terrell pure product and a spot in the BMF organization. Terrell initially scoffed at the offer until Meech offered him a free trial to discuss business later.

Meanwhile, Lamar broke out of his hospital room by choking out the police guard waiting outside of his room…


Markaisha educates Terry about high end customer service on BMF Season 2 Episode 2

Markaisha educates Terry about high end customer service on BMF Season 2 Episode 2

Terry had a hard time adjusting to the adage, “the customer is always right.” In speaking with Markaisha about adding a third driver to their company, she gave him some tips on securing first-class passengers at the airport. However, Terry learned the hard way that he had to pay taxes to security in order to pick up passengers.

Terry drives limos for the family business on BMF Season 2 Episode 2

Terry drives limos for the family business on BMF Season 2 Episode 2

Terry’s frustration at the airport gave him the idea to pick up passengers and go to areas other car services wouldn’t. He made a profit and brought the idea to Charles, who initially shot it down. He pleaded with his father to listen to him in their new partnership.

B-Mickie was under immense pressure from Det. Bryant to get dirt on Meech, yet he was out of town on family business. Soon, B-Mickie got the call from Meech to bring a load of dope to Cleveland in a few days.

While driving through the city, Terry noticed the police were erecting random stops, so he tried to call Meech, but their conversation went awry. So, Terry decided to insert himself back into BMF business by taking the load himself. He disguised the pure cocaine inside his child’s baby powder cans. He was pulled over in one of the police stops but got through.

When they got to the house, Meech was unappreciative of his effort to save his operation. Even worse, Lucille attempted to make the formula for the baby until Terry intercepted it.

New Deal

When Meech brought the drugs to Terrell, he changed the deal and wanted a bigger cut. His crew rose up on him, and he backed down… for now.

When Terry returned home, Charles hired a new driver, Denise (portrayed by Lauren Halperin), a white woman who formerly worked with him. Terry was upset he hadn’t consulted him in their partnership business.

Meech threatens Terrell on BMF Season 2 Episode 2

Meech threatens Terrell on BMF Season 2 Episode 2

Later on, Meech charmed his way into Terrell’s mother’s house. When the man came home, the two spoke, and Meech told him the new deal at gunpoint and took his brick back!

Meanwhile, Bryant and DRANO set up an operation to intercept Meech, but he wasn’t at the spot they anticipated. Bryant returned to B-Mickie to confront him about bad intel. Bryant organized to move his ill mother to a better nursing facility to induce more loyalty from his informant.

Meech brought back the payment in full to K-9, and he showed him another surprise… the man who shot at him earlier was sprawled out on the pool table, beaten to death.

Lamar escaped and his cousin, Alvin (portrayed by Donnell Rawlings), picked the injured man up.

Sibling Rivalry

When Meech returned, his crew complained of Terry crashing in and calling the shots. Meech declared he was the only shot caller that should listen to, or else report to B-Mickie.

Lucille brought a sexy negligee to impress upon Charles after finding his smut magazines. Instead of getting excited, he confronted her for opening a credit card to buy it in their daughter’s name. They argued about their defunct relationship and admitted they both were “stuck.”

Meech took his sister to the movies, and Terry arrived. Meech confronted Tee for reinserting himself in BMF business, and the brother got into a scuffle

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Top Questions About BMF Season 2

Is there a BMF Season 3?

Yes! Starz announced the BMF Season 3 renewal on January 18, 2023.

Where can I watch BMF season 2?

You can watch for cheap on Starz via this promo code!

Who died on BMF season 2?

  • Ty Washington (portrayed by Mike Merrill) was killed in a shootout intended for Big Meech at the Magic City strip club on BMF Season 2 Episode 9.
  • Lamar killed Monique (portrayed by Arkeisha “Kash Doll” Knight) on BMF Season 2 Episode 9.
  • Lamar killed Sockie (portrayed by Lil' Zane) on BMF Season 2 Episode 6.
  • Lamar killed Nedo (portrayed by Rafael Castillo) and Tiny (portrayed by Christian Robinson) in a vengeful rage against BMF on Season 2 Episode 4.
  • Meech killed Travis by accident while trying to capture him for K9 on Season 2 Episode 3.
  • We were shocked to learn that Lamar did not die in season one. Lamar is still alive on season two!
  • K-9 killed Big L, cutting her lips from her face and gift wrapping them for Meech on Season 2 Episode 1.

When is BMF season 2 returning?

Starz initially announced the BMF Season 2 release for Sunday, October 23, 2022. However, it has been moved back to Friday, January 6, 2023.

When does BMF come on?

BMF will stream early on the Starz app on Fridays at 12 am ET, 11 pm CT (the previous day), and 9 pm PT (the previous day). BMF will air on broadcast on Sundays at 8 pm ET, 7 pm CT, and 5 pm PT.

Was BMF canceled?

Absolutely not! On August 10, 2022, Starz announce the official release date for BMF Season 2, which premieres on Friday, January 6, 2023.

BMF Season 2 Cast

  • Demetrius Flenory Jr. portrays Demetrius Flenory
  • Da’Vinchi portrays Terry Flenory
  • Myles Truitt portrays B-Mickie
  • Russell Hornsby portrays Charles Flenory
  • Michole Briana White portrays Lucille Flenory
  • Sydney Mitchell as LaWanda
  • Snoop Dogg portrays Pastor Swift
  • Steve Harris portrays Detective Bryant
  • Serayah portrays Lori Walker
  • La La Anthony portrays Markaisha Taylor
  • Arkeisha “Kash Doll” Knight as Monique
  • Wood Harris as Pat
  • Eminem as White Boy Rick (Guest Starring)
  • Felisha Terrell as Commander Mars aka Commander Marceline ‘Mars’ Beckwith (Guest Starring)
  • Mo’Nique as Goldie
  • Leslie Jones as Federal Agent Tracy Chambers
  • Kelly Hu will as Detective Veronica Jin
  • Mustafa Harris as Older Terry Flenory (Narrator)
  • Extended cast bios here!

Guest Cast

  • Matthew Excel Simmons as Terrell
  • Donnell Rawlings as Alvin
  • Kareem Lewis as Stone
  • Jay Hector as Cletus ‘CLEET’ Barber
  • BJ Harrison as Eurline
  • Darryl W. Handy as Uncle Clark
  • Deborah Michal as Ophelia
  • Anny Jules as Amarie
  • Eric Kofi-Abrefa portrays Lamar
  • Dior Allen as Detective Darnell “GQ” Timmons
  • Lauren Halperin as Denise
  • Tyshon Freeman as Hoop
  • Rafael Castillo as Nedo
  • Ajani as James

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