BMF Season 1 Episode 7 Recap “All In The Family”

Don’t miss Celebrity Myxer’s recap of BMF Season 1 Episode 7 “All In The Family.” Blood spills into the streets when Meech devises a plan for revenge, forcing Lamar to seek shelter with someone close, which complicates matters even more. Here’s what you missed!

Starz accidentally aired it a week early, then removed it. Here’s the story behind the debacle if interested, otherwise read below for more on this incredible episode directed by 50 Cent himself!

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Previously on BMF Season 1 Episode 6, Lamar had the Internet buzzing about his angelic singing chops (we’ll get to that shortly.) But first, let’s discuss how Lamar went on a rampage trying to get close enough to Meech and Terry to take them out with his shotgun! His plans were foiled every time as Meech hired bodyguards to watch his family. As Lamar started to destruct in rage, he lost Monique and Zoey’s trust, then lost his friend Slick as he killed him when he was trying to flee… singing the song “You Can’t Stop The Rain” by Loose Ends.

Meech and crew pivoted their drug operation to become like Pat, selling on consignment to their lieutenants and reaping the cash on the backend for fronting the drugs. However, B-Mickie declared to Kato in private that he will separate from the family. Meech did manage to find a new buyer for their drugs. Lamar was adamant about getting someone close to the BMF brothers, so he tried to kidnap their baby sister, Nicole. She got away only because her new boyfriend, Darius, intervened and Lamar stabbed the teen to death…

Warning… Spoilers below!

On BMF Season 1 Episode 7, Meech and Terry scoured the hospital in search of Nicole and Darius. She told them it was the guy from the mall that confronted Tee. She was upset it was her brothers’ fault Darius was killed.

Det. Bryant and Det. Lopez visited soon after to ask the teen to come to the police station for questioning. Bryant and Lopez restricted Meech and Terry from accompanying her. Meech warned her of what to do and let her go…

When Nicole got to the station she confessed the truth to her mother and father. The police questioned the teen about the incident and she claimed not to know anything despite witnesses claiming the boy tried to thwart her kidnapping. They tried to press her about her brothers’ involvement but she held strong. They even let it be known Meech and Terry kidnapped a girl and this could be retaliation. However, her parents saved her from police scrutiny…

White Boy Rick

Meech meets White Boy Rick on BMF Season 1 Episode 7

Meech meets White Boy Rick on BMF Season 1 Episode 7

Despite the situation, Meech plotted the BMF brothers’ new path a few moves ahead. He met with Tiny to solidify his deal with the former rival. The storyline brushed past a significant character for now but Meech did know and greet White Boy Rick (portrayed by Eminem.)

Wounded Dog

Suddenly, Charles started to pack up his family to move away since Meech and Tee’s activities put them in harm’s way. Charles heeded Lucille a warning that Nicole will leave with him even if she didn’t!

Lamar prepares for war on BMF Season 1 Episode 7 - All In The Family

Lamar prepares for war on BMF Season 1 Episode 7 – All In The Family

As Teddy Pendergrass’ song “Turn Off the Lights” played in the background Lamar plotted his deranged vengeance against Meech and Terry while packing up his sawed-off shotgun, automatic Uzi weapon, Tech 9, and kidnapping supplies.

When he exited, Tiny and a few goons opened up in a driveby wounding Lamar. They breached the house and swept it, but they didn’t find him… only blood trails. They figured he was still there but had to leave as police were on their way.

Later on, Meech met with the hitters to chastise them as to why they missed Lamar! Meech knew he wouldn’t go to a hospital to tend to his wound and speculated where he might go next. Lamar was hit in the shoulder and broke into Monique’s home, jumping through her bathroom window to self-repair the gunshot wound.

When Monique came home with Zoey she was startled to see the man and he hushed her to explain himself. She threatened him to leave or else involve the police and they got into a tussle, he struck her down and choked her until Zoey stopped him.

Meech then visited Monique and learned of her attack. She recalled a crash pad Lamar might have hidden and gives him the location…

Saving Private Terry

Lucille revisited their former lawyer to persuade her to work with them again. There might be a possibility if they can find the attending nurse in the room from Terry’s surgery, they might have a case…

The Rules Are The Rules!

Police rolled up on some 50 Boyz slanging and Kato just barely avoided arrest as she was in the bodega. She caught wind and rid her drug dealer attire to bail and make a phone call to higher-ups. Kato visited Terry and B-Mickie to tell them about the sweep and the latter questioned why she wasn’t taken down as well. Meech showed up to inform Tee he had to give bad news to his connect.

Meech told B-Mickie he had a location on Lamar and the lieutenant was gungho. However, Meech made him end his relationship with Kato stating, “the rules are the rules!”

Meech and B-Mickie entered the spot where Lamar could be, masked and their pistols fitted with silencers. They saw bloody bandages and B-Mickie was going to shoot the back of the chair assuming it was Lamar until Meech deflected his arm throwing the shot. It was a young bot home alone. Meech gave him a wad of hush money and they fled…

Next Moves

Big L & Terry on BMF Season 1 Episode 7

Big L & Terry on BMF Season 1 Episode 7

Terry visited Big L at an art gallery to discuss business. He needed an extension on the re-up schedule and she wasn’t honoring it!

Pastor Swift delivers a eulogy on BMF Season 1 Episode 7

Pastor Swift delivers a eulogy on BMF Season 1 Episode 7

The streets were hot and the BMF brothers had to strategize their next moves. However, Terry had to leave the meeting to attend Darius’ funeral. Thereafter, Darius’ parents confronted Nicole about not telling the truth to the police regarding their son. She also verbally ripped Lucille and Charles about their sons paying for her son’s funeral and told her, “Your sons should be the ones who are dead!

A Favor For A Favor

Kato ran to B-Mickie’s house and hysterically confessed that she f*cked by hitting a cop and possibly killed him! The consul immediately turned into sex. After the session, B-Mickie ran to the store and wanted to talk with her upon his return.

Kato thought it was B-Mickie returning from the store but it was Lamar! He was concerned about their relationship and she explained it was to get closer to the inner circle. He demanded her to kill Meech for him as a favor returned for him catching a body plus the charge for her. If she didn’t he would kill her…

B-Mickie confronts Kato at gunpoint on BMF Season 1 Episode 7

B-Mickie confronts Kato at gunpoint on BMF Season 1 Episode 7

B-Mickie returned to his spot and saw Lamar exit his home and he reached for his gun but left it in the house. When he got into the house he grabbed his pistol as Kato tried to butter him up with food. He immediately confronted the woman about Lamar. She confessed everything to him. Lamar and Kato’s father used to run together and when she got into a jam, he took care of the body and ate the charge for her. B-Mickie figured it out… Kato was playing him!

She confessed to things changing after falling in love with him. She managed to talk him down and proposed they both take out Lamar- so they won’t have to tell Meech.

Me Or The Streets

While the family convened for dinner, Terry apologized for what happened to Darius. In private, Lucielle pleaded with LaWanda to convince Terry to get out of the drug game- knowing she lied for him. LaWanda broke down and said she’s not for the drug dealer lifestyle, Lucielle might have a voice to speak to her golden child.

Later that night, LaWanda confronted Terry with exiting the game… choosing either her and their son or Meech and the streets.

Cops vs Bad Guys

Oddly, Meech and Tee made a plan to get back into the trenches with the soldiers to strengthen their crew’s loyalty. On a rainy day, Det. Lopez and Bryant spotted a handful of former 50 Boyz and chased after them. Among them was Meech and the cop tackled him until Kato bashed the man across the back of his head with a large pole. Meech was shocked to see who saved him from capture. Bryant got there to radio help for his partner.

Det. Lopez’s injuries were too severe as he died in surgery! Det. Bryant and Commander Marceline Beckwith were in attendance to receive the bad news. Bryant tried to exit and Beckwith confronted him about Lopez’s speculations that he and Meech had some form of an alliance and that he spied the two talking.

Byrant claimed to be concerned about his slain partner. Beckwith told him if he’s a dirty cop she would bury him and his badge.

Bryant met with Meech to tell him about his dead partner. The two had a power-pissing match but had to officially cut their ties. Byrant would now police the bad guys

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Air Date: November 7, 2021

BMF Cast

  • Demetrius Flenory Jr. portrays Demetrius Flenory.
  • Da’Vinchi portrays Terry Flenory
  • Russell Hornsby portrays Charles Flenory
  • Steve Harris portrays Detective Bryant
  • Michole Briana White portrays Lucille
  • Ajiona Alexus portrays Kato
  • Eric Kofi-Abrefa portrays Lamar
  • Myles Truitt portrays B-Mickie
  • Wood Harris portrays Pat
  • Snoop Dogg portrays Pastor Swift
  • Sydney Mitchell as LaWanda
  • La La Anthony portrays Markaisha Taylor
  • Serayah portrays Lori Walker
  • Kash Doll portrays Monique
  • Markice Moore portrays Filmel
  • Eminem as White Boy Rick (Guest Starring)
  • Walnette Marie Santiago as Cecile aka Big L (Guest Starring)

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