black-ish Season 8 Episode 2 Recap “The Natural”

Don’t miss Celebrity Myxer’s recap of black-ish Season 8 Episode 2 “The Natural.” Dre can’t seem to land a good pitch now that he’s moved up to general marketing at his firm and begins to doubt himself. Meanwhile, Bow and Ruby question the new boy Diane is dating who doesn’t necessarily meet her standards. Here’s what you missed!

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Previously on black-ish Season 8 Episode 1, Bow convinces Dre to attend a fundraising event for When We All Vote in hopes to make some new couple friends (and to do their part in increasing participation in each and every election), but Dre is convinced there will be nothing but dud husbands there to befriend. Their expectations are far exceeded when the special guest for the evening is none other than Michelle Obama. To their surprise, the former first lady accepts an invitation for dinner at their house. But on the evening of the special meal, the rest of the Johnsons want to crash the occasion.

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On black-ish Season 8 Episode 2, in this episode about talent, Andre imagines himself as a batter for the Dodgers. He’s been promoted from urban to general marketing at work and is looking forward to bigger budgets, broader reach, and a seat at the table.

Griffen Cameron Hopkins (Reid Scott) is a prodigy in the general marketing department, he made his first national commercial before he was twenty-one years old. Envious and annoyed, Andre reflects on the man’s white privilege and how it’s considered quirky when he acts crazy at work. When his boss Leslie announces they’ll be making a Super Bowl commercial, Andre is excited but plays off the fact that it’s his first one.

Diane has a new necklace from a cute boy named Nate from school, but it’s obviously from a gumball machine so she throws it in the trash. Ruby approves and reminds her to never lower her standards, but Rainbow and Dre think that it’s the thought that counts.

The family grills Diane's new boo on black-ish Season 8 Episode 2

The family grills Diane’s new boo on black-ish Season 8 Episode 2

She admits that she thinks Nate is hot, but Ruby is adamant that she should find “an ugly whose ready to spend that coin” instead. Convinced by her mother, she decides to go on one date with Nate and Bow tells her that she won’t regret it and that he might even surprise her.

At the ad meeting for the Super Bowl commercial, Andre pitches a parody ad and his coworkers aren’t inspired by his ideas. When the prodigy gives a vague idea that his coworkers go crazy over, Andre strikes out again trying to pitch a slogan to go with it.

Using his frustration as inspiration, Andre draws up a new commercial idea and pitches it to his coworkers, but they still aren’t feeling it. He lays out idea after idea, and nothing he shares is working for them.

That night, Diane returns from her date with Nate the cute but poor boy. There were some awkward moments, and the boy’s car refused to start so they had to take the bus home. Ruby tells her the boy is officially a scrub, but Rainbow tells her chemistry is what’s important. Convinced Nate could be the love of her life or a really good friend Rainbow convinces Diane to go on another date with him.

At work, Andre heads down to Urban marketing to discuss his problems upstairs with Charlie and Josh who tell him he’s just in a creative rut. Charlie tells him in order to unlock his potential, he has to overcome his fears about failing.

At the house, Diane shows up with a new gift from Nate a fake designer bag. Ruby and Rainbow are finally on the same page, and they tell her it’s time to give him the boot. Rainbow tells her “A man who buys you a fake designer bag is the type of man who will buy two middle seats on a flight to Europe.”

Dre, Griffin, and Charlie at the batting cage on black-ish Season 8 Episode 2

Dre, Griffin, and Charlie at the batting cage on black-ish Season 8 Episode 2

Meanwhile, Charlie takes Andre and Josh to the batting cage, and Andre faces his fear. Pumped up, he takes his Superbowl idea to the next work meeting, but they’ve moved on to a commercial about butter. Griffin comes up with a fantastic idea off the top of his head and Andre is furious. He yells at Griffin, his boss, and his other coworkers.

Dre and Rainbow talk on black-ish Season 8 Episode 2

Dre and Rainbow talk on black-ish Season 8 Episode 2

That night at home, Andre discusses his hard first few days in general marketing with Bow. He’s worried he’s hit the ceiling of his ability in urban marketing, but Rainbow is convinced that he’s a long way from it, and Andre decides to give the idea another shot.

Diane returns from her break-up with Nate – not broken up with him. Instead, she’s decided she doesn’t want to be in a relationship where she’s judged by the materials she has and is going to give him another shot. At work, Andre talks to Griffin who commends him on his work and tells him he’s always looked to urban marketing for inspiration.

Dre is triumphant on black-ish Season 8 Episode 2

Dre is triumphant on black-ish Season 8 Episode 2

Together, they come up with a great tagline and Andre pitches a fantastic Hyundai Superbowl commercial using it at the next meeting. Andre finally feels out of his slump and imagines himself as a batter for the Dodgers hitting a home run!

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Air Date: January 11, 2022

black-ish Cast

  • Anthony Anderson as Andre “Dre” Johnson
  • Tracee Ellis Ross as Rainbow Johnson
  • Marcus Scribner as Andre Johnson Jr.
  • Marsai Martin as Diane Johnson
  • Miles Brown as Jack Johnson
  • Jenifer Lewis as Ruby
  • Peter Mackenzie as Mr. Stevens
  • Laurence Fishburne as Pops
  • Yara Shahidi as Zoey Johnson (from Grown-ish)

Guest Starring

  • Deon Cole as Charlie
  • Reid Scott as Griffen Cameron Hopkins

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8 2 The Natural January 11, 2022
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