Big Sky Season 3 Episode 2 Recap “The Woods Are Lovely, Dark And Deep”

Don’t miss Celebrity Myxer’s recap of Big Sky Season 3 Episode 2 “The Woods Are Lovely, Dark, and Deep.” Helena is turning into a real family town. When disgruntled “reformed” realtor Tonya calls the police on a squatter living in one of her homes, Jenny arrives only to discover a shocking connection to her past tied to the case. Across town, Cassie and Beau work to track the still-missing backpacker and Sunny works to protect a secret of her own hidden in the woods. Meanwhile, Beau’s daughter Emily takes a campground investigation dangerously into her own hands, but has she stumbled upon a story far more nefarious than she could have imagined? Here’s what you missed!

Air Date & Time: Wednesday, September 28, 2022, at 10 pm ET, 9 pm CT, and 7 pm PT on ABC!

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Previously on Big Sky Season 3 Episode 1 Premiere, It’s been a few months of relative peace, but all that’s about to change when Sunny Barnes and her family set up Sunny Day Excursions just outside of town. Cassie is called in to investigate a missing backpacker. Beau and Jenny track a murderer.

Warning… Spoilers below!

Jenny and Beau on Big Sky Season 3 Episode 2. Photo: ABC/Michael Moriatis.

Jenny and Beau on Big Sky Season 3 Episode 2. Photo: ABC/Michael Moriatis.

On Big Sky: Deadly Trails Season 3 Episode 2 “The Woods Are Lovely, Dark, and Deep”, Sunny visits her son, Walter, in the woods. He shows her Mark, the missing hiker. Mark is still alive but critically injured and bleeding everywhere. Sunny explains that she cannot help him because she has to protect her from Walt.

Squatter’s Rights

Cassie and Denise get visited by some girls who spot Mark by Dead Man’s Drop. Jenny is livid with Sheriff Beau when she finds him eating on sandwiches Tonya brought in. Beau tells Jenny to help Tonya with her squatter problem.

Jenny and Deputy Poppernak arrive at Tonya’s property to investigate the squatter, Jef, who has a bill in his name and is enacting his squatter’s rights. Donno and Jenny notice a bag full of cash and a gun.

Beau and Kathy are heading to Dead Man’s Drop to look for Mark. They find a cup and two sets of bootprints. Beau can’t resist the urge to check on Emily since he’s so close. Donna and Jef are both talking to jail.

The Poisoner

Tonya demands that Jenny release Donno immediately. Before Jenny can argue with her, a fight breaks out in the holding cell. Stephen Cooper, another cellmate, is trying to poison Jef, and with Donno’s help, Jenny takes Stephen out.

Beau introduces himself to Sunny and asks about Mark, the bootprints, and the cup. Sunny blows him off. While there, he ‘coincidently’ bumps into Emily, but Avery interrupts them. Beau asks Emily to not tell her mother about Mark. While out in the woods on the trails, Paige and Luke start fighting.


Jenny finds out that Jef’s real name is Paul Carlson, and he works with Stephen at Redmond, where Paul is a whistleblower and about to testify against the company.

Another Redmond employee, Camille Perez, has gone missing. Sunny notices that Luke and Paige have not come back to camp. She heads out to search for them with Cormac and Buck.

Beau tells Paul that he needs to enter the Witness Protection Program. Paige and Luke are lost on the trails and fighting. When Paige tries to break up with Luke, things get physical. Paige storms off, and Luke grabs a big rock and follows her.

Missed Turn

Avery finds a gun in Paige’s book bag while snooping, and Emily walks in on him. Sunny tells everyone at camp that Paige and Luke are still missing. Emily offers the idea that everyone at camp should help find them.

Deputy Marshal Weaver arrives to pick Paul up for the Witness Protection Program. Deputy Poppernak follows them to keep Paul safe. Cassie finds a photo of Mark holding the water bottle that she and Beau found near Sunny’s camp.

Denise tells Cassie that she should look into the girl who died 20 years ago in the same area as Mark went missing. She was found near the bleeding heart. Deputy Poppernak radios Jenny that Paul and Deputy Marshal Weaver missed their turn.

The Bleeding Heart

Sunny is looking for Walter and puts Cormac in charge of keeping the campers away from where Mark is hidden. Cormac is not happy with the situation or his mom at all.

Jenny and Beau find Paul and Camille, and Jenny takes out Weaver. They head to Cassie’s to celebrate her being a homeowner. Cassie tells Beau and Jenny about the girl who died of a bleeding heart twenty years ago. Beau is worried about Emily.

Emily and Avery separate, looking for Luke and Paige. Beau’s text to Emily does not go through. Emily follows a trail of blood and stumbles upon Luke, who is covered in blood and attempting to wash it off. Emily snaps pics of Luke, who spots her. Emily runs off as an angry, desperate Luke stares her down.

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Big Sky Cast

  • Katheryn Winnick as Jenny Hoyt
  • Kylie Bunbury as Cassie Dewell
  • Jensen Ackles as as Beau Arlen
  • Jaime-Lynn Sigler as Tonya Wallis
  • Dedee Pfeiffer as Denise Brisbane
  • J. Anthony Pena as Deputy Mo Poopernak
  • Reba McEntire as Sunny Barnes

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3 2 The Woods Are Lovely, Dark and Deep September 28, 2022
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Photo credit: ABC/Michael Moriatis

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    It is difficult for me to get really excited until the Writers create Closure to events in S2 i.e., Will Tonya and Donno pay for their crimes? Is Helena free of the Drug Cartel? Mark and Cassie in a love and work Relationship. The 3rd Season appears to have a lot of “Bits and Pieces.” When was Cassie in a relationship with Reba’s son Cameron, Has Cassie been a frequent visitor to Jensen Trailor (maybe the word is Van) When was Denise ever domestically involved? Season 3 did not seem to have any substance for those of us who are devoted Viewers of S1 and S2. In what Episode of late S3 will Mark come in? We are certainly mature enough to understand why he’s not in the 1st part of S3 however, for those us who were left with such high hopes for him and Cassie from S2 Ending, TELL US SOMETHING.

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