Big Sky Season 2 Episode 15 Recap “The Muffin or the Hammer”

Don’t miss Celebrity Myxer’s recap of Big Sky Season 2 Episode 15 “The Muffin or the Hammer.” With her life on the line, Jenny makes a violent decision that puts a Bhullar target on her back; but as she closes in on the family, Veer questions his children’s ability to lead and makes a major personnel decision that will change everything. A grieving father tears up the town over his son’s death; and Cassie returns, ready for a fresh start, considering just how Lindor might factor into it. Here’s what you missed!

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Watch Big Sky Season 2 Episode 15 “The Muffin or the Hammer”

Previously on Big Sky Season 2 Episode 14, as Jenny urgently attempts to prove the Bhullars are involved in the drug-related death of a teenager, her suspicions about Travis continue to grow, putting their relationship on thin ice. Veer discloses the real reason behind his visit to Montana, and a surprise visitor resurfaces strong feelings from Lindor’s past.

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Warning… Spoilers below!

On Big Sky Season 2 Episode 15, Jenny is being strangled by Dhruv in the Bhullar’s basement/lab. Jenny throws a jar full of the Bhullar’s drugs in Dhruv’s face and grabs a gas mask for herself. Ren tells Jag that their product is laced. He asks her if she has heard from Dhruv? Travis, Ren, and Jag head to their lab and find Dhruv dead! Fentanyl is everywhere!

Travis searches one side of the house, while Ren and Jag search the other side. Travis runs into Jenny. Jenny begs Travis to escape with her. Travis points his gun at Jenny and tells her to run.

Killer Choices

Tonya and Donno have a street dealer tied up. Tonya asks if he is cutting their product. Donno offers him the choice of a poisoned muffin or a hammer! Donno and Tonya get called away before the dealer can decide.

Cassie gets a call just as she walks inside her home. She rushes to Jenny’s side who is crying and covered in bruises. Jenny doesn’t want to be alone.

Richard’s Missing

Hayden comes in to find Denise at the office. She knows Denise was her dad’s support during his sobriety. Richard never came home last night. His cell phone is at home, but his gun is missing! Hayden wants to help with finding her dad.

Jenny argues with Sherrif Tubb to get a warrant for the lab she found in the Bhullar’s basement. He agrees reluctantly. 

Mark and Jerrie investigate a storage unit Richard owns. They find someone inside!

Deathly Premonition

Jerrie and Mark find Mason’s friend tied up inside Richard’s storage unit. He says Richard is trying to find out who sold Mason the drugs that killed him. He tells Mark and Jerrie that he sent Richard to the Boot’s Heel.

Jag and Ren tell Veer that Dhruv is dead. Veer blames Jag and questions if coming to Montana was smart. Veer puts Travis in charge of the family’s security. Jenny and the team bust in with her search warrant.

Jerrie and Mark show up at the Boot’s Heel, a local bar. They show the bar owner a picture of Richard and he shows them the mess and destruction that Richard caused in his bar. He tells them Richard is looking for whoever sold Mason the bad drugs.

The Bhullar’s basement is completely clean with no trace of there ever being a drug lab there. Jenny is livid. Veer is livid as well. Alicia tells him to calm down and stop blaming Jag. She tells Veer that she has had a premonition of Jag killing Veer!

Dispose of Jenny

Cassie comes back to the office and everyone catches her up on the missing person case of Richard. She tells them, that if she was him, she’d go to the place Mason died. Cassie finds comfort being in the place her father died.

Mark and Denise find Richard on the beach where Mason died. He’s crying as he walks away but promises he will go home.

Jenny and Poppernak are heading out to check on the delivery truck Jenny saw at the Bhullar’s when she was escaping. It’s been pulled over.

Ren questions Travis if Jenny could have killed Dhruv. He says no way. Veer doesn’t care either way and wants Jenny disposed of. Donno will go with Travis and show Travis how it is done properly.

Steaks and Drugs

Jenny and Poppernak arrive on the scene at the delivery truck. Jenny searches the cargo and finds steaks and drugs!

Jag and Ren question their chemist about who cut the pills. He claims it was Veer who ordered him to do it. 

Mark and Jerrie are ending a date when she invites him in. He hesitates and starts stuttering. Jerrie asks him point-blank if he’s with Cassie. He says he isn’t sure and she tells him to make a choice between her or Cassie.

Jenny and Poppernak (who informs us, that he got his unique last name from his Ukrainian grandfather) are questioning the delivery driver. Jenny offers him a deal if he turns informant and he takes her deal


Hayden calls Denise and asks if she found her dad. Denise realizes Richard never went home. Instead, Richard is outside one of the Bhullar’s properties with his gun.

Mark goes to Cassie’s and asks her if they are a thing anymore. Cassie kisses Mark and laughs as she pulls him inside her house.

Donno and Travis watch Jenny and Sherrif Tubb leave the station. Donno has his gun and is ready to take Jenny out!

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Air Date: April 7, 2022

When Does Big Sky Come Back On?

Big Sky Season 2 Episode 16 “Keys to the Kingdom” returns on Thursday, May 5, 2022, on ABC!

Big Sky Cast

  • Katheryn Winnick as Jenny Hoyt
  • Kylie Bunbury as Cassie Dewell
  • Brian Geraghty as Ronald Pergman
  • Dedee Pfeiffer as Denise Brisbane
  • Anja Savcic as Scarlett Leyendecker
  • Janina Gavankar as Ren
  • Logan Marshall-Green as Travis
  • Omar Metwally as Mark Lindor
  • John Carroll Lynch as Rick Legarski
  • Jesse James Keitel as Jerrie Kennedy

Guest Starring

  • Yuvraj Dhesi as Dhruv
  • David Meunier as Dietrich
  • J. Anthony Pena as Deputy Poppernak
  • Bernard White as Veer Bhullar
  • Ryan O’Nan as Donno
  • Jamie-Lynn Sigler as Tonya
  • Constance Zimmer as Alicia
  • Laurel Harris as

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2 13 The Shipping News March 24, 2022
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2 10 Happy Thoughts March 3, 2022
2 9 Trust Issues February 24, 2022
2 8 “The End Has No End” December 16, 2021
2 7 “Little Boxes” December 9, 2021
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