What Does Art Of The Zoo Mean On TikTok?

Art of the Zoo reaction videos went viral on TikTok. Why are people shocked? Why are people searching it on Google? What does art of zoo mean? We must warn you, the meaning of his viral trend will leave you disturbed. We’ll tell you but continue reading and viewing at your own risk…

What Is Art Of The Zoo?

Art of the Zoo on TikTok dares you to search “art of zoo” on Google and film your reaction to what you see, making it into a TikTok video using the sound samples within the social media app. Everyone’s reaction is utter shock, disgust, confusion, and horror! So… before you head on over to Google and type in that search. It’s good to know what you’re in store for.

No, it doesn’t mean anything in the creative realm of the arts. Nor is it a visit to your local wildlife park. But something else. The terms “art of the zoo” or “art of zoo” are another coded keyword for “bestiality.” Searching the term will reveal videos and images of people having intercourse with animals.

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This trend went viral in the early summer of 2021 and people are still searching for it and reacting in disgust to this day. Many would hope this would have been a fly-by-night viral trend but there are many users on TikTok and they eventually find themselves at the shocking end of the social media network after endless swiping up.

Before Vs After TikTok Videos

Here are some reactions that will give you a clue curious cat…


#stitch with @k_starxo #artofzoo #wtf #foryoupage

♬ original sound – Albanach Ailin 2.0


i’m traumatised #disturbing #wierd #foryou #neveragain #ineedtomindmyownbusiness

♬ original sound – elle


Do it at your own risk 😅 #viral #dog #artofzoo #google #tiktok #foryoupage #fyp#fouryou #SkipTheRinse

♬ original sound – elle

TikTokers Reactions

I told her to Google art of zoo, watch user's reaction...

I told her to Google art of zoo, watch user’s reaction…

Top comments yield responses like, “I should have minded my business.” Another user said, “PHONE YEETED HISTORY DELETED HOLY WATER NEEDED.” More concluded, “It’s like someone poured acid in my eyes,” and also “I am now scarred for life.”

The TikToker who seemed to garner the most views heeds potential viewers this warning… “don’t look up art of the zoo” and this has now become a trend. But people tend to be curious and search for it anyway.

Did you search Art of the Zoo? Perhaps you should have minded your business. What was your reaction? Tell us in the comments!

Photo Credit: @albanach_ailin2.0, @8.shiftwithme.8, @mayalabrat

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