Angel Williams – The Youtuber Turning Trash Into Cash

“Where there is muck, there is brass.” It may be an old adage, but Angel Williams has managed to give her own spin on it. The mother of four has made a living out of reselling one man’s trash and turning it into another man’s treasure. She recently authored a book ‘Finding Your Treasure.’

'Finding Your Treasure' by Angel Williams

‘Finding Your Treasure’ by Angel Williams

This is born out on her Youtube channel, ‘Mom the Ebayer’. In what started out as an organic channel in 2012, Angel has now amassed over 150,000 subscribers!

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In each video, she goes through some of the items she has found and offers a summary of what they could fetch. In a world where there is a greater emphasis on going green, Angel prides herself on being able to promote sustainability and helping to save the planet.

“Trash for profit”

Her ‘trash for profit’ philosophy comes in handy at a time when money is hard to come by, and with people feeling the pinch. Angel is known for rooting through trash and often finding novel items that can scarcely be believed.

That has allowed her to set up a lucrative eBay business, but all in the name of a good cause. Angel is married to a pastor, and giving back is at the heart of what the family does. Any profits are invariably directed in favor of those in dire need.

Angel Williams, Author of ‘Finding Your Treasure’

Angel Williams, Author of ‘Finding Your Treasure’

She is also not shy in donating and repackaging items on a pro bono basis. In her book entitled, ‘Finding Your Treasure’, Angel details how she came about doing such a noble thing, and how this fits in line with her Christian faith.

But that is just the half of it, not forgetting, you can also pick up a few telling tips along the way on how to follow in Angel’s footsteps. If this is something that tickles your fancy, or you can get behind, then you can purchase her book right here. Also you can get the book in several formats such as an Audiobook, Kindle, or hardback on Amazon.

Alternatively, you can follow her on Youtube and Instagram. If you know someone making epic moves, tell us so we can feature them on Celebrity Myxer!

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